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Orange County, CA

Past Coley Accountancy offers a wide range of accounting, tax and business consulting services to clients throughout California and the United States. In our years of industry experience we have gained an understanding of what it takes to distinguish one accounting firm from another. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with unparalleled professional service. We do this by maintaining a technical edge in our core services and being responsive to client needs.

Our core competencies include:

Tax Consulting, Planning and Compliance-Proactive tax consulting and planning can help reduce a taxpayer's overall tax burden. we work with our clients to manage their tax burdens throughout the year, not just after the year end when many strategies cannot be implemented.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services-A company's financial statements must accurately report the results of operations in a timely manner, otherwise they are of little use to management and owners. We help ease the burden of day-to-day, monthly, quarterly or annual accounting and bookkeeping duties.

Representation Before Tax Authorities-In the event of an audit by the federal or state tax authorities our clients can rest assured that we will bring to bear extensive experience and technical expertise serving as their advocate.

We put our years of industry experience to work for our clients in a number of different areas, including tax preparation and planning, financial accounting, bookkeeping services and QuickBooks consulting and troubleshooting; we also offer representation before tax authorities.

The Past Coley Accountancy difference focuses on the high level of service and professionalism that we bring to the table for our client. We distinguish ourselves by offering the one-on-one service and affordable fees of a small firm, while boasting the levels of efficiency and quality of a much larger firm. In short, our clients enjoy the quality and professionalism of a large firm with the accessibility and affordability of a small firm. Would you like to learn more? Talk to us - we're here to help!

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